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Top 3 Professional Youtube Video Editors

 Best Video editors for YOUTUBE Videos

There is lot of video editing software's available for video editing. So many people confused to pick which one is best for video editing, Here I made list of top 3 best video editors with comparison which you can choose better video editor for your content.

3.Cyberlink Power Director

The file size for this software in just 300mb so you can download and use instantly. This editor gives you full control over transition and overlay elements.
Suitable for :
    VLogs (More Transition Effects)
    Cooking Videos
    Craft Videos

2.Wondershare Flimora

The file size of this software is 500mb. This editor gives you power for title cards, overlay elements and timeline control.
Suitable for :
    All Science and Tech videos
    Informational Videos
    Simple editing lovers

1.Sony Vegas Pro

Sony vegas standing 1st place because of video plugins collection. Previous 2 editors have low power in video plugins handling. Sony vegas mainly used for film industry.
Suitable for :
    Short films
    Neat editing timeline overs
    Gaming video editing

Top 3 Video editor :

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