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Raspberry Pi 3B Android Connection

How to Connect Raspberry Pi 3B with Android Mobile

Requirements :

1. Raspberry Pi 3B [BUY NOW OFFER]
2. 4Gb SDCard [BUY NOW]
3. Raspberry OS.iso [Get Now]
4. Raspberry Imager [Get Now]
5. Android Mobile

Now, We will see how to connect Raspberry with android mobile. Before we start make sure you downloaded Raspberry OS and Raspberry Imager.

Step 1:
Insert Your memory card into your laptop / computer.

Step 2:
Open official Raspberry imager on your computer. It's shows 2 options to select. [select ISO file and inserted Memory Card in Raspberry imager]

Step 3:
Wait for few mins it will create bootable memory card. Once writing is complete you can eject your memory card.

Step 4:
Insert memory card into Raspberry Pi and connect Raspberry with your monitor or TV using HDMI.

Step 5:
Now power ON Raspberry, you can see Raspberry Pi os boots on.

Step 6:
Select Menu > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration > Interfaces.

Step 7:[Optional]
There you can see VNC tab just enable to activate VNC.
If VNC is not enabled type this command in terminal.

sudo apt-get install -y realvnc-vnc-server

Step 8:
Now top right corner you can see WIFI option just tab and connect with your android hotspot.
also tap VNC option in right corner.

Step 9:
Now go to play store and install real vnc android app. Open app it will ask for IP.
IP is showing in Raspberry real vnc screen.

Step 10:
Type IP in real vnc android app.
Username : pi
password : raspberry

Watch Video Tutorial Here:

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