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Light weight Operating System for Slow Laptops / Computers

 Best OS for low edge laptop / computers

There is lot of Operating systems available for laptops and computers. But after installing the OS, many of us can experienced slow processing speed because of operating system background process. Here we are going to install light weight OS for low edge laptops / computers.

This is not windows based OS, but  its based on Linux platform called BODHI OS.

Steps to Download and Install :

1.Download Bodhi_OS.iso from Official web site here. [Download Bodhi OS Now]

2.Now download Rufus ISO burner from Official web site. [Download Rufus Now]

3.Open Rufus Software [Insert min 4gb pendrive to usb port] and select downloaded ISO file. then click start.

4.After complete burning process. restart your laptop / computer.

5.While restarting select specific boot key to select temp boot startup device.

6.Now follow the video to Install Bodhi OS.

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