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How to Use Dual Android in Same Mobile

How to Setup Dual Android in Same Mobile Device

Can Dual Operating System Supported By Android ?

    The Answer is YES. but here we are not going to boot or install any bootable operating system. This post we are going to install new operating  system for android.

What is the advantages over this method :

        1.Mulitaksing Made Easy

        2.Dual OS [One for Personal Work another for gaming.. etc]

        3.Picture in Picture Mode

Multitasking made easy :

    By using this method user experience the multiple task running very easy and easily. for example one  user can launch whatsapp on primary OS and also launch whatsapp on secondary OS also. This helps dual task running.

Picture in Picture :

    Also the great function which I like is PinP that mean Picture in Picture. which helps to run 2nd OS in overlay of primary OS.

Already Rooted [Useful function]:

    You can Install root apps without installing root.


    1.Android Mobile

    2.VMOS [Download Now]

    3.VMOS Tools Error Fixing App [Download Now]

Steps :

1.Download and install VMOS app in your mobile. Just like normal app.

2.Open VMOS you can see new OS is loading.

3.First time it ask for VMOS tools to be installed. So I provided the link above. Download and install VMOS tools also.

4.When you click home button It will launch PinP mode.

Video Tutorial :

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