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How to Create FaceBook 3D Post without 3D editor

How to Create Simple FaceBook 3D Post

What is 3D post :

    Facebook 3d post is like a normal post but your friends can see your post like 3D image with help of mobile GYRO or desktop mouse.

Facebook introduce 3D post option in mobile phones apps but most of the device its not working. So in this post we are going to create 3D post without 3D editor.


1.Select your favorite Image to post as 3D pic.

2.Copy and paste the image in same location. after copy we get 2 images with different name.

3.Now edit copied image using gallery built in normal image editor.

4.Select brush tool and select one solid color then color the whole image

5.Now rename solid color image with your normal pic name. [add "_deph.jpg"]

Example : photo.jpg as photo_depth.jpg

6.Now upload both images on Facebook. you can see 3D post.

Video Tutorial :

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