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How to create auto chat bot for any Messenger

 Chat Bot Creation For Android

What is Chat Bot ?

    Ya, chat bot is nothing but simple method to send automatic reply for received messages in your chat messengers like whatsapp, instagram, facebook.... If you are busy in your important work then let your chat bot to respond to your chat messages.

Its free or Paid ?

    Many free softwares/apps available in playstore as well as paid apps. But here we are going to use top rated free chat bot app.

    You can install this app from playstore. Just goto play store and type whatsauto then you can see auto chat bot there. Click here to get bot from playstore.

Steps to create Auto Chat bot.

Requirements :

    1.Download AutoChat from playstore

    2.Android Device

    3.Your favorite messenger.

Steps :

1.Downlaod and Install ChatBot from playstore.

2.Open App and select messenger option to enable your favorite messenger.

3.Tap Custom Reply option to create chatbot.

4.In ChatBot option you can see 2 options.

    [Input tag -> Received message]

    [Output tag -> message to be sent]

5.Type your messages and give android permission to activate chatbot.

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