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DIY Ultrasonic Fun Gadget for Computer / Computer


What is this device :
    This one of my favorite fun device, This device helps to lock/minimize our laptop/computer when someone walks near to you.

Requirements :
    1.Node MCU Offer [BuyNow]
    2.Node MCU Program [Linked with this post]
    3.AdhilControl Panel [DownoadNow]

How its works:
     This device made using NODE MCU and ULTRASONIC SENSOR. Sensor capture distance and store the distance with node mcu. If the distance value changed it will trigger node MCU and node MCU trigger computer software.
    NODE MCU and COMPUTER communicated with mobile hotspot.

How to Setup :

1.First connect Node MCU with laptop using USB cable. open arduino software and upload bottom code.

2.Upload the Code to node mcu.

3.Now its ready to power up. use mobile OTG or powerbank.

4.Turn on mobile hotspot and open adhil control panel software to operate this device.

Full Video Instruction :

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